About Us

Over the last decade or so, schools have evolved. They are no longer just centers of education. Many of them operate like corporate entities, and even though the best schools do what they can to ensure the growth and development of their students, sometimes there is a great lack of communication.

For schools to nurture students in the best possible way, it is necessary for the school authorities, students and parents to communicate with each other. Parent-teacher meetings are a thing of the past now. It’s time to say hello to Skoolbuzz!

Skoolbuzz is a school communication and information management system designed to keep parents, students and teachers in touch with one another. This online platform is the perfect way to maintain regular and effective communication with school authorities, and to get updates regarding important activities and events such as examinations, festivals and holidays.

What We Provide?

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, parent, or part of the school management; Skoolbuzz provides multiple benefits for each party involved in the schooling process.

  • As far as students are concerned, Skoolbuzz provides regular updates with regards to the time table, examination dates, and the syllabus to be prepared for particular examinations.
  • An online student diary / agenda would be maintained for easier access to important tasks and homework.
  • Automatic reminders for various important school events.
  • All assigned homework would be displayed on the Skoolbuzz mobile app as well on its user friendly web portal, ensuring that you go to school next day without any worries.
  • Teachers can personally get in touch with students through Skoolbuzz and provide input on how to improve performance.
  • Whenever permission of parents is required, it can be easily done using digital signature.
  • Weekly / Monthly Newsletters would be published online along with attachments as well.
  • Results of examinations and tests would be published online, along with the teachers’ inputs, to guide students in the right direction. It is also a great way for parents to track the student’s development.
  • Parents are given necessary updates with regards to the students’ performances in order to keep them aware at all times.
  • Parents can directly interact with school management, eliminating the need for customary parent-teacher meetings.
  • Parents are also notified about any fees outstanding as well as receipt of fees.
  • Skoolbuzz is also a great boost for school management, as it reduces paperwork and saves a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on bulk mails, SMS, and other conventional communication systems.
  • Updates, along with photos and videos can be directly shared through social media platforms, which ensure an increase in school popularity.
  • School management can also get in touch with other schools and institutes, thereby uniting the school education system.
  • No capital investment is required to buy and manage servers, high internet bandwidth, backup server and software licenses
  • Skoolbuzz has an app, as well as a full-scale website. Therefore, it’s easy to access Skoolbuzz from both Smartphones and PCs/laptops.

With so many benefits, Skoolbuzz is sure to take schooling to a higher level. In an age, where technology is being used to enhance almost every sphere of life, why should schooling be left behind?

Give Skoolbuzz a chance! Be amazed not just by the ease of communication between schools, teachers, students and parents, but also the significant improvement of students’ individual performances.