Effective communication has always been a pre-requisite, be it for parents, students or for the school. Skoolbuzz is here to serve as an ideal communication platform that can benefit everyone in the schooling process. From school management to teachers to parents to students, Skoolbuzz provides a multitude of positives that ultimately helps both schools and students to develop and grow.

  • As a platform to bridge the communication gap between schools, students, parents and teachers, Skoolbuzz is a boon to school managements thanks to its cost-effectiveness. Along with a much reduced need for paperwork, schools also enjoy benefits such as zero investment on servers, backup devices, maintenance, and software licenses.
  • Skoolbuzz is incredibly easy to implement, even for large institutes.
  • Both parents and students are given necessary updates with regards to important school activities and events. Daily agenda and exam results, along with teachers’ comments, can be viewed to keep a check on how students are progressing.
  • Parents can directly get in touch with school authorities through a reliable web interface, thereby eliminating the need for old-fashioned parent-teacher meetings.
  • Skoolbuzz also allows schools to reach each other thanks to a common platform.
  • Not just that, the tool is the perfect partner for managing reminders, fee payment schedules, notifications etc. effectively.
  • There is a mobile application as well, which allows all parties access to important school information even when they are on the move.
  • Apart from sending reminder letters to parents, this exceptionally useful tool can be used to manage permission letters with parent’s digital signatures too.

With so many fantastic features to boast of, Skoolbuzz is sure to bring a revolution in schooling. Skoolbuzz helps everyone; school management, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students!