Parents play a crucial role in educating children. A perfect combination of support and encouragement of parents at home along with their involvement in the various school activities play a pivotal role in shaping the future of a child. There is a requirement of productive partnerships between the parents, students and schools in maximizing the potential and achievements of students.

This need to a great extent has been fulfilled with the advent of progressive technology and advanced software. One such noteworthy software that forms a perfect platform to bring the mentors, students and school management together is Skoolbuzz. Available for access from the web as well as in the form of mobile application, Skoolbuzz is a perfect communication software that surely boosts the quality of education management.

How Skoolbuzz Helps Parents?

  • This school and information management software gives parents access to crucial information related to a child such as about his attendance, fees, tests, time tables, exams, results, events, holidays and the number of days he has been late to school. So, the parents have all the required information about their children.
  • This cutting-edge software provides reminders, notifications and shares photographs, videos of special events held in school like fests, sports, carnival, and children’s day programs and so on.
  • Parents can get feedbacks of their child from the mentors and teachers by interacting over the phone. All the valuable and essential information regarding teachers, like phone nos., address, suitable appointment time are present in the software for the convenience of parents.
  • Parents can get first-hand information about the daily agenda and weekly newsletters online with the APP or through the web.
  • Through the daily agenda, this tool updates parents about the performance of their child.
  • This innovative software even reminds parents about school fee payment.
  • Digital signatures of parents enable them to allow wherever the schools seek their permission.

How Skoolbuzz Helps Students?

  • Skoolbuzz is not only beneficial for the school management, teachers and parents. It is valuable to the students as well. It permits the students easy access to their homework.
  • Offers all-inclusive information about the syllabus to be covered for all the subjects.
  • The novel tool, Skoolbuzz provides complete information about examination dates for the convenience of the students.
  • It provides information about important dates, school events like Sports Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’sDay, Carnivals, Basket Ball Tournaments etc.
  • Access to highly educative and knowledge-enhancing weekly newsletter.

The value enhancing tool, Skoolbuzz comes as a blessing for students for the huge array of merits it offers. This revolutionary information and school management system is worth every penny you invest in.