School is a vital institution that serves a multitude of purposes from instilling confidence in students to teaching them the values of teamwork and socialization. To ensure the proper development of students in all spheres, active participation of teachers, parents, students and the school management is mandatory. There should be no scope of communication gap between the students and teachers for the effective performance and progress of students.

With the phenomenal development in technology and high-end software systems being introduced, education sector offers a new level of experience and quality. Welcome the pioneering information management and school management system, Skoolbuzz!

This state-of-the-art software vouches to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and school authorities. It also helps parents to remain updated about all the essential information regarding school events, fests, examinations, holidays and so on.

Skoolbuzz – Offering True Value to School Authorities

  • The software offers an effective platform that helps parents to be updated about all valuable school information on a day to day basis.
  • It is cost-effective and saves the amount spent by schools on printed material and paper that is used daily to communicate with parents regarding newsletters, agenda, permission letters, information letters etc.
  • It saves the school of redundant costs related to sending bulk messages and SMS to the parents about important school related information.
  • Skoolbuzz is an effective promotional tool that can be used to boost the reputation of a school significantly. It allows sharing of videos and photographs of the various school events with the parents and thereby contributes immensely in enhancing the positive image of a school.
  • The ace tool Skoolbuzz offers a single platform to interact with the principal authorities like headmasters of other schools and institutions.
  • This software is very cost-effective and it needs zero upkeep, maintenance and backup solutions.
  • The school authorities need not spend a penny on the maintenance of the servers.
  • The software is a licensed one.

Skoolbuzz takes pride in offering a wide array of benefits for school authorities. It is therefore worth investing in this valuable software that promises to take education to a whole new level.